Wednesday, July 27

warm look

Home to office
8.7 km
Start: 7:21
End: 8:41

Always feels really bleah first 10 minutes of the run. You're kicking up the legs but don't seem to be gaining much speed or distance. Like a piece of lead being stirred up in a bowl of liquid cement.

But after the first 10 minutes, there are some bright spots.

Well, there are the regulars that I meet along the way. There is a guy who runs every morning. We nod to each other as a greeting.

I call this the warm look.

You see it on the faces of the joggers passing me from the opposite direction. A look which affirms and says hello with no words.

You're not looking for it, but it springs out of the blue and it makes you want to shine a light out too to the other people who are running by, like the headlight of a car which momentarily passes by.

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