Monday, August 1


Today, I ran past a 3 car pile up on the Nicoll Highway. The tension was palpable, the cars were honking and there was a big jam behind it. The drivers were surveying the damage, looking worried and making calls on their handphone.

Why bother with driving?

Travel light

I took off the sternum strap on my running bag pack so that I could get a drink of water. When I put my bag back on, I didn't secure the sternum strap and it just didn't feel right running with a bag which kept jumping on your back.

Running requires very little - shoes, water, hair band and God bless the sternum strap. Just a little strap which goes across your chest which makes all the difference.

With those 4 items, I can run anywhere.

Paint on a blank canvas

I also thought about life. What to make of it if you had a completely blank canvas. I'd like to do massage more seriously, train, learn maybe even teach.

It would involve erasing the old painting.

Dream big, train hard

And I couldn't stop thinking about the OSIM triathletes that I saw being flagged off at East Coast Park on Sunday. I was running - the usual 8.7 km from carpark C to carpark E. There were barricades and I was directed towards the beach. The women swimmers were going to be flagged off in 15 minutes so I found a spot near them. Some of them were in the sea doing their warm up swims. Most of them were just standing around, stretching, taking photos. Beaming with pride. This was their moment.

When the horn blared for them to start their swim, I cheered even though I didn't know anyone in there. Cheerful orange swim caps bobbing in the sea.

Then it was time for the guy veterans to start. This was the 50-59 age group. You could tell that their bodies had aged past their youthful prime, but there they were - tanned, fit and strong. Like fishermen who had spent a life outdoors, casting nets and lifting heavy wooden boats.

When they ran towards the sea in their green caps, I felt great emotion welling up. That's the spirit of the triathlon. You throw yourself at a goal much bigger than yourself.

Dream and just train really hard.

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