Tuesday, August 9

Was torn between staying in bed on a public holiday and making full advantage of it by waking up and going for a run.

By the time I got to East Coast Park carpark C (the free parking one), turned out that I wasn't the only one with the same idea. The sun was out, the carpark was full and it was a choice between turning out of the car park or staying put and finding a lot.

Left the car by the side of the road and trotted out for the run. Determination!

Couldn't keep the thought of getting a car park summons out of my mind - so that became the motivation for this morning's run. To finish running the usual 8.7 km route in as short of time to reduce the chances of getting a fine.

Gary was with me and he said that my slow pace of running caused his knees to ache, the upright way his feet were landing. I ran ahead while he walked but I tried to be a more conscious of the way I was running. Maybe it could with more lift and roll. So that was what I tried to do, lean forward. Roll with it.

An hour 15 mins passed and it was back to the car.

No fine! What a relief.

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