Sunday, August 21

10 km kallang track

Only 1 proper run this week. 10 km at the Kallang track on a Tuesday evening. Ages since I've run on a track. Thought it would be deathly boring, but it was ok coz a bunch of people were playing frisbee in the field in the middle of the track. And there were a bunch of guys doing sprint training. They were all exerting so much energy I felt quite laid back running at my slow pace in comparison.

But this is what I found out:

1. Have to take a break every 3.2 km, to take gulps of water as well as walk for one round of the track. My foot will start to ache and the form will suffer if I don't hydrate and take a walking break.

2. Water consumed for 10km is 1 litre.

3. Time for 10 km with these walking breaks is 1 hr 25 mins. If I can keep up this routine over 42km, I should be able to keep it within 6 hrs.

And that's my self declared time goal for running the marathon this year - to finish it within 6 hours.

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