Monday, November 21

where i am is where i started

Today I woke up with enough time to get out for a run. But instead, I lay in bed, under the blanket with my head on the pillow, watching the minutes go by until there was no time to go running.

2 weeks to the marathon and it's all gone pear shaped with the training.

And so have I, as I wistfully pinched the sides of my belly which seem to have become thicker.

Purpose of this blog was to make an epic attempt at training properly. But I have to confess that it hasn't gone according to plan. I didn't magically transform into a disciplined marathon runner. The transformation didn't happen.

Where I am right now is where I started. And I guess that's the starting point for my continuing motivation to keep running. I remember the fat girl who would never even run a K so that when the shame piles on because I am so lazy to get out of bed, she knocks me on the head so that I

-can summon the gratitude for just being able to run
- honor how far i've by come by not giving up
- and to treat every step as a victory walk.

Then I find myself running again: cellulite, warts and all.

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